Are you locked up properly?

Offenders are taking advantage of people not locking up their house properly. Taking those few extra minutes to secure doors and windows each time you leave the house could save you from becoming a victim.

Security doors need to be key locked. Simply locking the snib on the security door does not lock your door effectively. At present offenders are damaging fly screen wire to access the snib and gain entry. Police are encouraging residents to key lock security doors and keep the key handy where it is not visible and you can access it quickly and easily.

Ensure doors and windows are open enough to give you good air flow while you are at home. Research security options of screens and locking mechanisms to enable you to have doors and windows open whilst maintaining your security.

Offenders are still targeting mailboxes. Lock your mailbox and keep your documents and identification safe. Be aware of when credit cards or licences and medicare cards are being replaced and sent out to you. If they do not arrive, contact the issuing authority immediately to report them lost or stolen. If you are living in multi residential complexes, report lost keys to management and encourage other residence to use their keys and keep their mail boxes locked.

Keep an eye on your neighbour and report any suspicious active to Police.

2 Responses

  1. Mel says:

    My name is Mel.
    I live on Newman Street, in Gailes.
    I have absolutely had enough. We need ASAP, a neighbourhood watch group on our street.
    Our street (and surrounding streets) are not safe and are just terribly filled with criminals.
    Our house has been robbed on several occasions.
    They’ve stolen an air compressor, a brand new mattress that was still in the packaging, a whippersnipper, an 18, speed mountain bike (and the jerks didn’t even take the whole thing, they removed the wheels), various tools and God only knows what else.

    It’s just ridiculous. They’ve taken everything we own that was even remotely valuable and have now started to enter the backyard and steal stuff from there to.
    We have nothing left in the garage or backyard because they’ve stolen it all.
    I am absolutely terrified that they will now enter the house and possibly hurt is just to steal a tv.

    They’ve opened our gates and let our dog loose. Three separate occasions, we’ve either come home to find him gone or they’ve opened the gate while we were in the dampened house and let him out.

    These criminals are so brazen they just don’t care to do things while we are home or even during broad daylight.

    We can not afford to buy a security camera/alarm system so that we can catch them.

    We’ve started to leave our flood light a on of a night time, to hopefully deter them but it’s so expensive to run them all night and it’s running up our electricity bill.

    We’ve got locks for the house but not the side gates because it’s a one-year house and we just don’t have the funds to secure them properly.

    If you look on the crime map for our street, every house around us, has criminal infractions and we are the only house that doesn’t.

    I have called the police numerous times, from parties that went on until 3am with music so loud you could feel our walls and shaking, women screaming “help me please”, on the top of their lungs when it turned out they were just drunk and didn’t actually need assistance, actual domestic abuse crimes happening right next door to underage children.

    I can’t even walk around my block of a night time because the amount of drunk men who’ve tried to flag me down and get my attention and wouldn’t leave me alone until I got to my house, have rendered me fearful for my life and I’m now resigned to carry a pocket knife with me, whenever I leave my house to get some exercise because God forbid, I get raped, attacked or murdered when all I want to do is go for a walk, because I’m too afraid to even sit in my own living room for fear that someone is going to break in and harm my entire family just to steal a tv.

    Enough is more than truly enough.
    I can not take it anymore.

    We need…. NEED a neighbourhood watch program in our area. I only want residents who don’t have a criminal background to be involved.

    This is just ridiculous. God forbid I have a child and they get hurt because some greedy S.O.B has decided they don’t want to find a job and instead steal from hardworking people and possibly hurt us.

    Please… someone organise this ASAP.


    • Officer Elena says:

      Hi Mel from Newman Street, GAILES. I can understand you feeling frustrated and worried about yourself and property. I would suggest the following options of reporting matters to Policelink on 131 444, Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 and for Emergencies 000. The local District Crime Prevention Coordinator (DCPC) and Station Community Crime Reduction Officer (SCCRO) can be contacted at Yamanto Police Station on 3817 1351 – they will be able to advise you on starting a Neighbourhood Watch group for your area. Thank you. NHWQ, State Office.



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